Thoughts as a senior in college

Thoughts as a senior in college

My life has cycles. I go through similar realizations and regrets, just in different situations. And then I reset, forgetting the lessons I’ve learnt.

After three years of college I’ve just realized how to have fun. Always happens. It took me till my last year in high school to truly be myself. Why? It’s because I care too much about what people think of me when I’m in a new environment. I know I shouldn’t and yet I do. And I then I find myself here. In my senior year of college, and wish I could do it over with the mindset I have now.

Forget what everyone thinks. When you allow others to shape who you are, it’s on you and nobody else. Stop carrying around past regrets of relationships, missed opportunities or anything else that’s slowing you down. These are the lessons I always learn near the end of my ‘life cycles’.

I really hope I don’t forget them again. I hope I remember how I feel at this moment and get out of the cycle. Walking away as free from care as the gagnam guy up there in the picture.

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